Top 6 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2018

Blogging is becoming very popular day by day. Some people use blogging for sharing their thoughts and interests with others people over the internet and some people use blogging as an online money making platform. If you want to make money by blogging your blog must have a decent monthly traffic. Nowadays it is very hard to get high traffic to your blog. In this article, I will share top 6 tips to increase your blog traffic.

Top 6 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2018

1: Quality Content

Content is the core component of every blog and original content is the key to increase blog traffic. Your content might be useful, good and highly informative. To gain more traffic and good reputation you must avoid copied articles on your blog. Write fresh and original articles on your blog. Quality content also increases your blog’s reputation in front of your blog visitors and search engines. As a result, you will get more traffic to your blog.

2: Guest Posting

Guest posting is a good technique to increase your blog traffic. Post articles on other high PR blogs related to your blog niche. Guest posting will help you to become popular. It also helps you to get good backlinks to your blog. Post your best articles on bigger blogs as a guest because these blogs will send more traffic to your blog.

3: Social Networks 

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Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc plays a major role in increasing blog traffic. Share your blog posts or blog links on these social networks. Add social widgets to your blog like Facebook like box, Twitter Follower button, Email subscription box, Post share buttons, Google Plus Gadget etc. These widgets will help in turning your blog visitors into your blog subscribers, which results in the gain of traffic boost in future. This will increase your blog traffic to your blog.

4: Comment On Other Sites

In addition to responding to comments on your own blog, be sure to leave insightful comments on other blogs you admire. If you read a post that really hits home, let the blogger know. If you disagree with a point, share a thoughtful comment on why you have a different perspective. Also, make sure your comments link back to your blog, in case other readers are interested in learning more about you and your blog.

5: Take Part In Forums

Take part in forums and discuss related your blog topics. Make a list of some high trafficked forums that are relevant to your blog. Include a signature that has your blog link along with posts that direct viewers to your blog.

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6: Traffic From Youtube

Make some high-quality video tutorials related to your blog niche or topics. Submit your video tutorials to YOUTUBE to get super targeted traffic to your blog. A video can easily get more traffic than articles, so this is a strategy you will definitely want to use.
These 6 tips will increase you blog traffic up to the greater extent. Just give stress on quality content and increase social exposure of your blog. You will see results in a few days by using these methods.
If you have any tips to increase blog traffic, you can share with us by commenting below. If you like this article share with friends.

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