6 Things To Check Before Publishing A Guest post

Guest post is a great way to increase the authority of a blog and it is also a great way to change the writing style on a blog must newbies are eager to gain exposure on popular blogs but their writing skills are very poor,So Today we are talking about 6 Things To Check Before Publishing A Guest post.
Gone are the days when bloggers and website owners do things legitimately without a black hat or white hat tricks, now bloggers and website owners are too lazy and all they do is to copy and re-write an article with article re-writing software and this is very bad for a blogs ranking SEO (Search engine optimization)
Guest post has its advantages and disadvantages so it can De-value or add value to your blog.

Few criteria to be met before you publish a guest post on your blog

Make the guest post  URL SEO friendly

This is something you shouldn’t ignore as a blogger that needs traffic to his or her blog , most bloggers do publish articles with Url like this  bloggingfoundation.com/p=700 this kind of link is very bad for SEO because search engines cant read the above  link most especially the part that said p=700 so make the URL of your blog post Seo friendly e.g bloggingfoundation.com/things-to-do-before-publishing-a-guest-post.html,  with these search engines and readers can easily tell what the blog post is all about.

Proofread before publishing

I believe in the saying that said no one is above mistakes that’s why you should read a post submitted by a guest author properly before publishing because there might be some grammatical errors or misspellings  in the article so proofreading a guest post will help you increase your authority in the sight of your blog readers and you will be seen as an expert in your niche.

Check the article originality

There is one thing search engines hate the most and that thing is duplicate content, so checking each guest post before publishing will help your blog stay away from being penalized by Google because they hate copy written and duplicated content. if you want to check a guest post plagiarism visit plagtracker

Link back to an article related the post you are writing

Interlinking is a great way to expose both your new and old articles to your blog audience, so i can simply say interlinking help readers in finding articles on your blog related to the once they are reading which in turn increase users engagement on a blog

 Add relevant image to the post

The image is a great way to make a blog post attractive and catchy so when crafting an article it is recommended that you add an image that is relevant and related to the article you are crafting.

Check the links in the guest post submitted

This is one of the most important factors to consider when accepting guest post on your blog because most guest posts include links to affiliate products, sponsor pages, sale page, promotion pages and invalid URLs etc. that’s why you should cross check each included link on a guest post for quality and your blogs safety.

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