How To Insert Table In Blog Using Microsoft Word

Adding table into a blog post is the good way to organize data in tabular form. It is always a good practice to add the table in blog post wherever necessary because the readers are much comfortable in a reading article that uses a table. Currently, Blogger team doesn’t provide any option in post editor to add a table in the article directly.

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Previously we write about to add a table in a blog post using HTML but now we are using some easy way to do this. Sometime you may have a need to add a table in the blog post but due to nonavailability of such option in Blogger post editor, you used custom HTML tables. As we know that many bloggers are not familiar with HTML technologies, that’s why they find a problem in making tables for their article.

word table

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Tables are extremely helpful if you are showing some data in tabular form within a post or when you are comparing the specification of some services or products. Even if you are familiar with HTML then also it saves a lot of time. 

Advantage Of Using Microsoft Table

  1. It can be easily created and insert into post.
  2. No HTML skills required.
  3. Easy Customization.
  4. All Browser compatibility.
  5. A large Number of available background Designs and Layout Design.

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How To Create Table In Microsoft Office

First of all, Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 should be installed on your computer to download it from the official site, if it already installed in your computer then open Microsoft Word. From the top menu bar, click Insert option and choose Table option.

add table into article

From the grid list, select rows and columns for a table and it will display its corresponding result. Now you will get a default table of chosen size added in Microsoft word. Now we will add some gorgeous design to it.

Look for Design from the top menu and you will find a lot of different design which you can select from just one click.

table design in microsoft office

When you have done with this table click Save as to save table file and choose Web Page, Filtered as Save as Type.

Save Image

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Now you have one saved HTML file that contains your stylish table which you just created in Microsoft Word. Open this file in Notepad and copy whole code form <table to </table> tag.

open save file notepad

Go to Blogger post editor, click HTML button and paste the code at the position where you want a table to appear to remember that don’t place the code in Compose mode.

compose html option

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