Increase Blog Security By Changing Login Information

Now it is a very big question on the Internet to protect blog or website from scam and hackers as they can easily break security and your privacy. You should be more tricky in order to protect your blog from harmful activities. People, who are running a WordPress blog, should be more conscious of these activities as this type of blogs are weak in security and can be easily hacked by any professional hacker. So here is step by step Guide on How To Increase Blog Security By Changing Login Information.

One of the best examples is, currently running and maintained by Amit Aggarwal and secured the position of India’s no.1 blog, was recently hacked but reinstated again.

The news was horrible because this blog monthly earned around 36000$.

So how to protect our blogger blog from these type of dangerous activity? How To Increase Blog Security By Changing Login Information?

If the email address, which you use to login to blogger account, is very old and have repeatedly been shared all over the Internet means at a form and to create the account in the unauthorized website then you should think to change your login information.

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Steps are elementary just see the following guidance.

  1. In the Blogger Dashboard, Go to Settings / Permissions /  Blog Authors /  Add Author.
  2. Add new email (say email 2) address in text area which you want to use as your new login id. It will send an invitation to new email id.
  3. Then log out to your blogger account and login to your new Gmail account ( email 2 ) to accept the invitation.
  4. Once invitation accepted then login back to your blogger account using your old login information.
  5. In Permission, click drop-down menu appear next to new email id and choose Admin.
  6. Now you can log in to blogger account with any one of the ids.
  7. Log in to your blogger account with new email id and delete the old email id by clicking the X mark appear next to drop down menu.

That’s all now your old email id has been updated with new email id.

All the steps given above are straightforward you can easily change the login information of your blogger blog.

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