How To Design Blogger Template Using Artisteer

Blogger template, it is the most irritating thing for most of the beginner web designer because it uses xml namespace and some limited predefined function so that most of the user just skipped off from Blogger and further move to the WordPress, as its official tutorials are very much easier than Blogger, but it doesn’t mean that Blogger blogs are useless many of the bloggers whose blog are on Blogger platform have six figure income.

Just forget about all of this, if you are afraid of going to the Blogger template and want to make a professional looking theme then with Artisteer you can make a good looking theme even if you don’t have any web designing skills or even you don’t know a single tag. Surprising! Of course, Artisteer provides you with a beautiful environment through which you can easily design different sections of blog i.e header, sidebar, main and footer parts and modify every element of your blog.     
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Besides it, you can also design WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal template easily but here we are talking about the Blogger platform and other templates will also design in the same fashion.

How To Design Blogger Template With Artisteer


These are the sample template that is created with this cool application and can be further used.

  1. Inner comfort theme.
  2. Romantic Traveling.
  3. HouseUp.
  4. Alteco.

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First of all purchase a full copy of Artisteer from its official site, you can either purchase home and academic addition or standard edition depending upon the type of work that you want to perform. Install it in your local computer and execute Artisteer icon from the desktop.

These are some screenshots taken from its official site.

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Finally, if you have the different query related with this software or want to share something then comments are always open for that :))


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