Check Blog Backlinks With Google Analytics Tool

The nature and quality of the backlink is the most critical thing that search engine often used to anticipate blog rank. Quality backlinks help in improving the rank of the website. Google, Alexa, and Dmoz use such factor to calculate blog ranking so more backlink you have, better is the chance to improve blog listing in SERP. Though knowing the type and nature of backlinks is good practice, and you can filter out cheap and low-quality backlinks in favor of high quality. So this tutorial is about to Check blog Backlinks With Google Analytics Tool.

Top 4 proven ways to create high-quality backlinks.

Backlink analysis is invaluable for the performance of your website or blog. The important data you can gather from backlink analysis tool is the nature and quality of broken internal links that generally found on a blog when any page is deleted from the blog.

You can also check out the external links and predict the website or blog that has linked to your blog. You can then stay in touch with them and maintain a genuine relationship with them so that they provide you further high-quality backlink that will ultimately help you to improve blog ranking.

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Check blog Backlinks With Google Analytics Tool

Google analytics is one of the tools that is used extensively to check backlinks. Follow the steps to use these tools.

1. First of all, login to Google analytics tool and click on your blog whose backlink you are interested to find out.

2. In the left sidebar, in Standard report section, Click on the Traffic Sources button and expand the Social tab and then choose Trackbacks

Basically, a trackback shows a record about the linking of a blog with each other. Each trackback contains the linking URL or linked URL. You can also see the number of visits generated as a result of each backlink. From it, you can predict the link that provides maximum visitors flow toward your blog. Now its time for you to identify all such links and contact its blog owner to give a further high-quality backlink.

It shows a list of all trackbacks for a particular period and you, can change it for weak, month, year and so on. This feature is useful when you want to display total trackback for a particular blog or website.

Finally, our possible aim is to provide full information about your blog backlinks. There are lots of free and paid online tools available that guarantee you to calculate backlink report correctly. But none of them succeeds. Alexa is a free tool which easily shows all inbound links of your blog. Google analytics is more potent than Alexa. No other tool can replace it because it uses multiple factors to calculate things. Furthermore, it shows data according to user’s preference.

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