10 New WhatsApp Features To Be Launched in 2019

Hello, social Butterflies. Here I am back with a fantastic article on some on the 10 new WhatsApp features to be launched in 2019. So get ready to experience some more advanced and user-friendly features of WhatsApp you would have in your smartphone from 2019.

To get started in 2019 with the newly added features of WhatsApp you just need to push the update WhatsApp button. Just a click of a button and you are ready to go.

WhatsApp was launched as an instant messaging application. Now it has become the most used messaging application with one billion users. This Facebook-owned messaging application has completely changed the way we interact with each other. The reason why WhatsApp has become the favorite platform for social sharing is its features.WhatsApp launches new features and tools regularly to make the social platform more user-friendly and easy to use.

So no more chit-chat. Let’s move right into the matter. Here are some upcoming WhatsApp features to be added in the coming months in 2019.

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9 New WhatsApp Features You Should Know in 2019

1. Dark mode

Following the footsteps of Twitter, YouTube, Dark mode will be present in the upcoming features update of WhatsApp.You might also find dark mode on Instagram too!. Facebook owns WhatsApp so you can see some new features in Instagram too.

The benefit of the dark mode in WhatsApp will put less strain on your eyes. When you use WhatsApp in dark, you can switch on the dark mode. Dark mode will also ensure less battery usage by WhatsApp.

2. QR code scanner

With this new WhatsApp feature, you would be able to share contacts by scanning QR code. But you need the latest version of Android to enjoy this Whatsapp feature.

Although the use of QR  code is not new to WhatsApp.We already scan a QR code to launch the web version of WhatsApp through our smartphone.

3. Private Replies in Group

This upcoming WhatsApp addition would enable you to send private replies in a WhatsApp group. Thank God, This was really needed.

Now you can chat with a member of a WhatsApp group, and the other group members can’t see your conversation.

This WhatsApp feature has been introduced for users using Android Beta version 2.18.355.

4. Add Contacts directly via WhatsApp

Users can add new contacts without exiting WhatsApp.While saving the number, the app will detect the country code automatically.WhatsApp will also check if the contact has been added already.

5. Picture in Picture Mode

Android users of WhatsApp can now see videos directly in the app.WhatsApp has used the picture in picture mode feature of Android Nougat to make this WhatsApp feature possible.WhatsApp users can minimize the screen and enjoy videos on Instagram and youtube even while chatting.

Picture in picture mode was already available for Android Beta users. While iOS users had it in WhatsApp features since last year.

Android users can update WhatsApp on play store to the latest version to install this feature.

6. Multiple Voice Messages

Earlier you had to click on several voice messages you received continuously to listen to them. Now just click on a voice message and they will play one by one.

In addition to this, when a voice message is finished, WhatsApp will play short audio.T his short audio will tell you that a voice message is completed and now the next will be played.

This WhatsApp feature will be launched for iOS beta version 2.18.100 and version 2.18.362 for Android users.

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7. Group Call Shortcut

One of the much-awaited features of WhatsApp is Group call shortcut.

A standalone button will be provided for group calling in the app. This button can be used only for group chats. When you click on the group call button, Whats app will display a list of your contacts. You just need to select the friends you want to call. After that, you need to tap on voice or video call button.

This new WhatsApp feature will also be seen on iOS beta versions.

8. Audio/Video in notifications

In the current version of WhatsApp, you can see your messages. Further, you can also reply to them directly from there. But you still need to open WhatsApp to view images, audio, and video WhatsApp content. The upcoming WhatsApp update will ensure that you can view such content in the notifications too.

9. Ranking of WhatsApp contacts

This new feature of WhatsApp will rank the contacts on the basis of your interactions. These interactions include audio, video, calls or chats with that particular contact. This feature will be available for iOS beta users very soon.

The ranking algorithm includes the following elements –

  • How frequently you chat with a person? So now your girlfriend will always be on top in WhatsApp chats. Ha!Ha!
  • The best way to increase the ranking is to make a WhatsApp call to a contact.
  • If you view or ignore the status updates of a specific contact.
  • If you and a contact are in the same group and interact frequently.

10.Multi-Share File

WhatsApp is dedicated to improving the user experience and is working on several other features as well. One such feature is multifile share. With multi file share, you can share a file from another app to at least two contacts. You can also play a WhatsApp audio message before sending it.

Ultimate Feature of WhatsApp

To control frauds and false messages are circulating in WhatsApp groups, What’s App has taken this moral responsibility to launch its ultimate feature as WhatsApp messages had led to some riots and miserable happenings this feature had to be introduced.

This new WhatsApp feature will allow WhatsApp group admins to decide who can message in the group and who can’t. This feature is still in the testing phase on its beta version after this admins will decide who can change the name and description of the group. Those blacklisted group members will become merely viewers and can’t perform any activity in the group.

Undoubtedly WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app in the world. With unmatched popularity, it needs to grow continuously to cater to the ever-increasing demands of users.

I hope that you use these new WhatsApp features in a good way and don’t spread any false information. If you like the article, share it with your friends and family.


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